Product specification: materials:
S45C, SCM440, SCM4TL,SCM21,SCM415,SNCM220, copper, Alum alloyed, #AL6061-T6, cast iron, phosphor bronze, reinforced plastic. Harden heat treatment:
plated, Nitrification, high-freequency and carburetion treatment.
Specification: Module: M 0.2~M 6
Max. Φ320mm in diameter Max. 420mm in length Accuracy : DIN 1~12
A wide range of plastic and metallic materials. Even Titanium.
Gears and shafts comfort for: motor of reducer, star style reducer, electrical motor, scooter, air tools, electrical tools, machine tools, Hyd. pump, elevator, worm gear, worm shaft, worm wheel, transmission gears, mechanical gear box, servo motor, air plane tools, fishing gear and standard gear and gear shafts.
Helical gear features: Low vibration while movement and lower noisy, suit for high speed operation.
Planet gear features: Under the same transmission rate, gear own small and light weight, Syntax input shaft and output shaft, suit for industrial machinery, vessel, reducer of worm gear.
worm gear features: Wide range slipping speed, Different transmission rate depends on the contact ratio of worm flank trace-angel
Comfort for:
1.) External gear / spur gear / helical gear / transmission gear / gear shaft of reducer / motor shaft / transmission shafts:transmission gear box of motorcycle,gears of scooter,gears of propeller of aircraft toy,gears of industrial machinery,gear of machine tools ,gears of agriculture machinery,gears of wooden working machine,gear of home use machinery,toy gears.
2.) High precision gear,gear of servo motor,machine tools.
3.) Planet gear: machine tool and packing machine industry.